Graveside Service

Graveside Service

When comparing funeral arrangements, you may consider a graveside service instead of a traditional funeral service. Graveside Service planning from Absolute Economical Funeral HomeInstead of speaking about the deceased in a church or chapel, the eulogy happens at the grave site. There is still a viewing at the funeral home to allow friends and family to see their loved one, but the bulk of the funeral service happens at the cemetery. If this is something you are interested in for yourself or someone who has passed away, contact our Oklahoma City funeral home at (405) 787-9300.




What’s Included with a Graveside Funeral Service?

With prices starting at $1,615.00, our graveside funeral service packages are customizable, so you can adapt the services to meet your needs. Standard graveside funerals include:

  • Removal of the deceased
  • Embalming
  • Viewing and visitation prior to service
  • Funeral vehicle to the cemetery
  • Graveside funeral service

The cost of the basic package does not include the outer burial container or casket. There are many styles of steel and wood caskets to choose from, as well as different burial containers. The containers are designed to support the weight of the soil above the casket, thereby protecting the deceased. We will go over all of these options with you during your consultation. You can select a burial plan best suited for your loved one and your family.

Pros and Cons of Graveside Funerals

Choosing to have the funeral at the gravesite is mostly a personal preference. However, there are some pros and cons to keep in mind. Graveside funerals are usually more affordable than traditional funerals, and they are faster overall. You can still have a viewing prior to the funeral, but the memorial service is held at the burial site.

With this in mind, a graveside funeral service heavily relies on the weather. On hot, cold, windy or rainy days, you may have better luck with a service indoors. We check the weather in advance to plan the right time for your graveside service.  However, keep in mind that scheduling is difficult during certain times of the year. Even in inclement weather, we will have a tent on-site to cover the burial area and create a more intimate setting for guests.

Immediate Burial Funeral Service

Another alternative to a graveside funeral service is an immediate burial. In this case, the body is not embalmed and there is no funeral at the grave. The package does include removal of the deceased, refrigeration of the body, dressing and placing the body in the casket and transporting the casket to the cemetery for burial. Immediate burials are less expensive than graveside funerals, making them an ideal option for families working with a limited budget.  Pricing for immediate burials start at $840.00.

A good way to enhance an immediate burial is to have a memorial service for the deceased after he or she is buried. You can gather together to share stories and celebrate the life of your loved one in a place that holds a special meaning for him or her. Our funeral director would be happy to provide suggestions for you.

Contact Absolute Economical Funeral Home at (405) 787-9300 to find out if a graveside service is the right fit for you.