Memorial Service

Memorial Service

A memorial service is a special time to reflect on the life of a lost loved one. Family and friends gather together to share memories, Memorial Service Planning from Absolute Economical Funeral Hometell stories, laugh, cry, and support one another in this difficult time. Memorial services are incredibly versatile, so you can select a unique plan that perfectly portrays your loved one’s life and passions.

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Tips for Planning a Memorial Service

You can do just about anything you want for a memorial service, from a casual get-together to a multi-day event. Here are some helpful tips for planning a memorial service:

  • The memorial can be held at any time, so choose a day that has a special meaning for the deceased (assuming that is within a reasonable time from the date of passing).
  • Hold the memorial in a place that is easy for friends and family members to access. The more people that can come, the more memories you will have to share.
  • If you have having a memorial service after cremation, the memorial can double as a spreading ceremony for the ashes. In that case, you would need to have the memorial somewhere close to where you want to spread the ashes.
  • Create a slideshow or photo display to look back on important moments in the person’s life.
  • If your loved one would have preferred an upbeat ceremony, choose clothing and a setting to reflect that. A memorial service doesn’t have to be a somber occasion.

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The Difference between a Funeral Service and a Memorial Service

The terms funeral service and memorial service are often used interchangeably, but there is a notable difference to keep in mind. A funeral service is a celebration of life with the body present. A memorial service is similar in nature, but the body is not present. Memorials are used for cremations and for immediate burials, while funerals have an open or closed casket with the deceased inside. A funeral can occur at a church/chapel or at the gravesite. A memorial can happen just about anywhere.

To determine if a memorial or funeral service is right for your situation, you first need to determine the final deposition of the body (cremation vs. burial). From there, you can decide if the timing and budget makes sense to have a funeral or a memorial service at a later date. Memorials have flexible scheduling options, but funerals must occur within a few days of the person’s passing. Our funeral director can help you decide which option fits your needs most.

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