Veterans Service

Veterans Funeral Service

Veterans are eligible for specialty funeral service arrangements to honor their service to our country. At Absolute Economical Funeral Home Veterans Funeral Service planning from Absolute Economical Funeral Homein Oklahoma City, OK, we support our military men and women and value the sacrifices they make every day. We provide comprehensive veterans service plans that include flag presentations, the playing of Taps, and a funeral honors procession from at least two members of the Armed Forces.

Whether you are pre-planning for your veterans funeral service or you’re setting up a funeral for a loved one, our staff would be happy to assist you. Contact our funeral home at (405) 787-9300 to get started, or send us a message or your questions here.



What’s Included in a Military Funeral Honors Ceremony?

A veterans service is much like any other funeral service, but it has added features to commemorate the military career of the deceased. There is still a viewing, eulogy and burial, but there are other ceremonies that separate a veteran’s funeral from a civilian’s. A standard Military Funeral Honors ceremony includes:

  • Folding and presenting a United States flag to the veteran’s family
  • Playing Taps (either with a live bugler or a recording if a bugler is not available)
  • MFH detail performed by at least two members of the Armed Forces (one from the branch of the military the veteran served in)
  • Military members to act as pall bearers, at the request of the family
  • Viewing, embalming, transportation to the cemetery, and other services that come standard with a funeral procession

The ranking of the veteran will determine what type of MFH ceremony he or she receives. This may be a Full Military Honors ceremony, a 7 Person detail or a Standard Honors Team Detail.

Who Is Eligible for a Veterans Funeral Service?

Active military and Selected Reserve members are eligible for veterans services, as well as formerly active duty military members who departed in an honorable manner. Dishonorable conditions will disqualify a person from Military Funeral Honors. If you need help determining if your loved one qualifies for a MFH funeral, our funeral director can assist you. Contact (405) 787-9300 to learn more.

Can a Veteran Be Cremated?

A veteran can be cremated and still receive burial benefits from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. The Military Funeral Honors will be performed during a memorial service or at a graveside service in the event of an interment cremation (burying an urn of ashes at a cemetery). Cremation is becoming increasingly popular in the United States for veterans and civilians alike, and we have several packages to choose from to accommodate your needs.

Filing Paperwork for a Veterans Service

Several documents are needed for a veterans service to verify the standing of the deceased within the military. We will tell you which documents need to be completed, and we can file them for you with the right information. During your consultation with the funeral director, you can discuss the steps necessary to set up a veteran funeral or memorial service. We will work with you to ensure that your loved one is properly honored.

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