Timothy LeRoy Hunt 1953-2017











Timothy LeRoy Hunt

born: December 31, 1953

died: December 19, 2017


Tim Hunt left us too soon.  He leaves behind his wife of 16 years, Sherry Hunt of Oklahoma City, OK; Two daughters, Erica Hunt of Chico, CA and Teressa Hunt of Elma, WA; 4 grandchildren: Madilyn (age 1) of Chico, CA, Trynity (age 8), Tessalei (age 6), and Torne (age 2), of Elma, WA; his mother, Ruth Foxx, of Lake City, FL; his sister, Debra Grund, of St. Louis, MO; and many friends.

Tim was a mechanic, a craftsman, a handyman, and a laborer.  Recently, he enjoyed building birdhouses to sell or give away to friends.  One of his favorite activities was tinkering in his garage, a habit most likely learned from his father Joseph Hunt, who passed away in 1977. Tim could generally hide his personal feelings pretty well but his Dad’s death left him with too much hurt to hide.

Timothy joined the Air Force in 1979 and served until 1983. For much of this time, he was stationed in Fairbanks, AK. He loved his time there; he loved the freedom and the camaraderie; he loved the beauty of the rugged Alaskan countryside; and he liked the people in his life.  Unfortunately, time did not allow him to see Fairbanks again, something he always wanted to do.

Tim spoke his mind freely.  He didn’t seem to have a filter for curse words or for certain “more delicate” situations.  This sometimes made for an uncomfortable situation, but it was “classic Tim” and in retrospect, it always brings a smile of admiration.

Tim had a great big heart.  He would do anything for the people he cared about.  He didn’t always have much to give but he would gladly give his last dollar if he thought you needed it. He would certainly give you his time and his hard work – no questions asked, and no charge.  And he had a soft spot in his heart for animals.  He may have loved animals and people just about the same amount.

Timothy LeRoy Hunt will be missed.









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